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Mobile Coffee App to Reinvent Local Commerce at Scale

An ordering app that reimagines the "local coffee shop" — putting cafes in the cloud, coding community and loyalty into its DNA.
“Our A.Team is not a group of 3rd-party contractors”
They are core members of our team & family, adding a level of expertise better than we could have found anywhere else.
Issam, Founder Blank Street


Blank Street, is a new sustainable coffee company, from veterans behind some of our favorite coffee brands. They're reinventing the coffee shop, offering customers better quality coffee for less, with more convenient locations — all while energizing and bringing joy to the communities they operate in.

Why A.Team?

We needed to build something highly-custom on a startup budget with a team that felt they were a core part of “the family.”

Highly flexible & customizable. A custom team for a very custom app — that we could scale up or down when/if we needed.
Better team than we could hire in-house. An autonomous, CPO-level led team became our core product team.
Smaller price tag than agencies. Agencies were quoting us at 66% more than it cost us to build with an A.Team.
Remote & low risk amid COVID. A custom team for a very custom app — that we could scale up or down when/if we needed.


A coffee order-ahead app experience, never delivered before. The iOS app needed to offer an experience that augmented the real-life local cafe and the convenience of ordering a coffee in the cloud. Cross-functionality between PoS and operations would be built on top of Square with a sophisticated back end and clean UX.

Primary components


The A.Team became the core product team, integrating fully with their internal teams — working side by side with Operations and Marketing.


An expert team of builders with expertise in FinTech, real-time services, navigation, and user-onboarding was assembled and deployed in less than a week.


Blank Street increased their scope and scaled their team, adding new members to meet their product marketing and growth goals.


Meet the Blank Street App! Order your favorite sips with a single click, see when your drink is ready, and get delightful rewards at your favorite neighborhood coffee cart.

Ratings and Reviews
out of 5
Best coffee shop
Love this app and how easy it is to use! Can’t wait to make blank street a part of my daily routine
Great UI Easy Use Fast Ordering
The app is setup very well to directly point you at the products.